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Our Products / Supplies

Designed Control Boards for Machines
Designed Automatic Change-over Panel
Supply of Voltage Stabiliser. Input Voltage Range: 140 – 270V (L-N), 240 – 480V (L-L).
Designed Sensing & Surge Arrestor System in Control Panels
Supply of Cable Trays, Cable Ladders & Ducts
Supply & Installation of Photo Sensors
Designed Over & Under Cut-Out Units
Open-set Generator for commercial purposes
Workshop designed panels with MCCBs
Inside view modified Generator Control Panel


Installed Air Conditioners for a Banking Hall – Kabale
Installed Air Conditioners & Load Supply Cables
Installed ATS Panel for Gen Set & Utility
Installed cables for Over-Head Gantry Crane
Installed 2V DC Batteries for Communication Equipment
Installed caged sound-proof Generator for commercial purposes
Installed Pumps
Designed, supplied & installed MCC Board
Supply & Installation of Multi-drive Voltage Stabilisers
Supply & Installation of Solar Systems


Orientation of Technicians at site
Orientation of Technicians at site
Requisite Tools, Equipment & Kits
Requisite Tools, Equipment & Kits
Requisite Tools, Equipment & Kits
Requisite Tools, Equipment & Kits

Technical Team

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